Dr Bill Day Anthropologist

Picture Gallery

Artist impression by Michael Rule 2015

Bill Day with statue of his Great Uncle Hugo Throssell VC in Northam WA in August 2015.

above: Clancy (?) and Norman Horace lead the 1972 May Day March in Darwin.

Right: Bill  Day on a heritage survey in the Pilbara in June 2010.

Below: Bobby Secretary in June 1973 nails up a sign to warn developers that the subdivision is an Aboriginal land Claim. 

Bill Day with daughter Kim at national Aborigines Day in Darwin in July 1972

Bobby Secretary nails up a sign to a tree in Ostermann Street Coconut Grove, June 1973

Bill Day at his Kulaluk camp in the 1980s

Below: Growing vegetables in Maylands, W.A. in October 2020

 Above: Bill Day at Fish Camp during his PhD research field work in Darwin in 1997.

Below: Bill Day celebrates his 80th birthday at New Norcia, 11-11-2020 in front of the Nyungar 6 seasons mural.

Below: 1983 in his sleeping quarters at his camp on the Kulaluk land won in the land rights struggle.

Bill Day celebrates his 80th birthday at New Norcia on 11-11-2020 in front of the Kambarang mural (Oct-Nov)